Staff Bios


Staff Bios


 Jay Alvaro LMT CPT 

Owner and founder of BODYHI, Jay Alvaro has been a healing arts professional since 1996. He began his first private practice as a Rebirther at age 22 and then became a licensed massage therapist in 2002. Combining his many years of experience in breathwork, martial arts, and massage training, Jay began to develop a distinct form of bodywork that accesses deep states of transformational healing. 

From the highly intuitive subtle energetic levels to the extremely deep physical and emotional levels, Jay is able to access each client drawing from an extensive knowledge of different healing modalities. Many say his work can not be put into words and must only be experienced to be understood. His training has included Shiatsu, Rebirthing, holotropic breathwork, Thai, deep tissue, visceral massage, myofacial, Tui-na, and many others. Jay has always strived be on the cutting edge in the bodywork field through on going training and research for over 20 years. 

With a desire to empower and inspire others to be more active in their own healing process, Jay received a 500 hour Personal Training Certification from NPTI in 2013.  Since then he has been integrating his extensive bodywork and fitness knowledge to create a very unique style of personal training and fitness instruction.

Jay  has taught massage at Ashmead College, is a certified ReNa® instructor and has facilitated workshops and trainings around the world. He currently continues his pursuit of helping others through teaching and apprenticeships as well as in his private practice in Portland, OR.







Exceptional, transformational bodywork

I cannot recommend Jay Alvaro's bodywork highly enough. The work is deep and creates lasting change. I had an injury for over 7 months that was stubborn to heal and it was 90% better after a single treatment. I am a physician and I only refer to practitioners whom I can wholeheartedly stand behind and Jay Alvaro is one of them. I also recommend his personal training and classes at the new Sellwood studio.

- Dr. M. ND LAc


Jay is a wonderful healer. The work he does is life-changing, and shifts your energy to a more productive place. Every time I see him I leave feeling more courageous of heart, more inspired, and more energetic. The session is hard and at times painful, but the feeling after is the best feeling I've had without drugs.

- Nick Jaina

Peaceful Bliss!!

Jay has the skill to put my body in a state of peaceful bliss, every session. He is able to release trigger points giving me flexibility in movement. The sensitivity he has to listening to the emotional/energetic body, releases any of my trauma, through his guided breathing techniques. His presence is powerfully impacting, I feel all my needs as a client are met and beyond what I expected. He is worth every penny. A true gifted healer. Best massage therapist is Portland! Thank you Jay!!!

- Rebecca Strack

Best massage / bodywork I have ever received!

I went to see Jay for the first time yesterday, after he came highly recommended to me by my acupuncturist, and after reading all the other stellar reviews. I have been receiving some kind of massage or bodywork intermittently for the last 15 years, and this was hands down, the best experience I have ever had. It was not simply massage, and not strictly bodywork. Jay not only creates a safe space for his clients to surrender, he gets right to the core of resistance. Unlike any other.

- Tania

He is from a different universe

There is good massage, great massage, outstanding massage, massage from a different universe and massage from Jay Alvaro. I don't even know what to say, you should try it. He is a muscle wisperer and gifted healer. Within few minutes he found every problematic area in my body that my previous massage therapist couldn't find for years. And in just one session he achieved the result I was able to get only after multiple massages with different therapists.

- Valeria Kaidanov


Jay is an amazing body worker and healer. He helped me work through many layers both physical and energetic. I felt he was right there with me and extremely present the entire treatment. His flow incorporates a variety of modalities that are seamless and appropriate for the moment. After his treatments I feel like I have both melted into the earth and flown to the moon, in the best way. I am a body worker myself and appreciate his skill and attention to detail. I most definitely recommend him.

- Kileen S

Rare Quality

Jay continues to be consistent with his technique, approach, and intuition. It is hard to find a practitioner with his level of commitment to his craft, intelligence of the body, and willingness to craft treatments that are effective on a physical, emotional, and educational level. Truly one of a kind!

- Phillip S

Stellar Skill

Jay offers a truly potent healing craft of uniting breath and bodywork! His therapeutic approach is grounded, powerful, thoughtful, and comforting. Incorporating a series of breathing excercises to bodywork helped induce a gentle reset of the nervous system- to engage more of rest & digest mode instead of the stressed / control state I (many of us) can get caught up in. By end, arrived at a sense of clarity and relaxation - mentally and physically. Do yourself a favor and get on his table.

- Shena

Amazing bodywork

Jay does bodywork that has the effect of aligning the whole system, physical, mental, emotional. I always walk out of the room feeling more myself. I have never had a massage therapist that could help to unwind such deep and longstanding emotional patterns. I will always be grateful for the work that he has done with me!

- Mariah Noel Stroud

Magical... Transformative... Compassionate

Jay is a rare individual gifted with healing tools beyond explanation. Words can't fully express the experience one has while undergoing transformation on Jay's table. He intuitively & gracefully transmutes physical / emotional pain & blockages into light & love. He creates an environment to heal you on the deepest level you will allow. Jay you bring so much light into this world through your healing. I (and so many others) am eternally grateful. 

- Olive LaMarre

Still the best

I've been seeing Jay for bodywork since 2007. In short; he is caring, intuitive, and a master of his healing art. I can't imagine going to anyone else.

- Denny B

Exquisite Healing Work

Jay's strength and intuition in his massage work, put him in a league of his own. My experiences are ever more profound over the years of receiving his healing touch. I think of him as a healer rather than simply as a massage therapist, as the work moves with depth through my body/mind unravelling tensions and restoring integrity. I recommend Jay for his supreme gift of healing.

- Laurrien Gilman

Life Changing

I have had many massage therapists through the years due to chronic pain mainly from athletic injuries. Jay has helped my body and spirit leaps and bounds beyond anyone else I have worked with. He has a gift and is also very educated in many different areas to help the massage be more effective to specific needs. I would highly recommend Jay.

- K.Z.

Powerful Healer

I've never had a massage experience quite like I have with Jay. He kind of blows my mind every time he works on me. I feel comfortable and safe while we work through parts of me that hurt and when I leave, I'm floating and the pain I was feeling when I walked into his practice is gone. I have been struggling with a foot injury for over a year now and it's improved dramatically after just a few visits. He really knows what he's doing. I can't recommend him enough!

- Pi Winslow


I have never had such an experience. Jay invites his clients to walk forward and meet themselves in a safe sphere of healing; he will heal you as far as you will allow yourself to be healed. Physical pain from repeated injuries on one side of my body, as well as fear-based emotional blockages, were coaxed from me with groundness, strength, tenderness, and mastery. See Jay if you are ready to begin the journey of unfolding into deep healing.

- Padme